Hints on how to consult the I Ching online

1. Phrase a simple question and keep it in your mind. If you don't know how to phrase your question, please check our Instructions link (see the menu above).

1. Choose the I Ching version from the list under the Create Hexagram(s) button -> click the arrow and select the version: Wilhelm's or Legge's.

2. Click Create Hexagram(s). The symbols of the hexagrams appear as small diagrams.

3. Fist click hexagram 1 to see the result of the consultation then 2, to see the way te actual situation should evolve.

4. In this frame (left) you'll find the current answer to your question. In the right frame, you'll find the text of the next hexagram. A second hexagram will be available only if the first one has changing line(s) highlighted in red.

5. Read the hexagram name and the Judgment of the first hexagram (left frame). Read also the text(s) assigned to the changing line(s) (if any).

6. Read the concluding hexagram name and Judgment, in the right frame..

Obviously the meaning of the oracle's answers is often difficult to seize. We can help you should you request our online assistance (click the SUPPORT link above).

Also you may learn yourself to deal with the oracle and its answers by taking our short
10-lesson email course. Please click
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